In January 2021, the Turkish Coalition Midwest PAC officially became the National Coalition of Turkish American Lawyers Political Action Committee (NC-TAL PAC).

The National Coalition of Turkish American Lawyers Political Action Committee (NC-TAL PAC) is a legal entity based in Washington, DC and established in 2021. We are an independent and nonpartisan PAC that prides itself in not having any affiliation with any particular political party, candidate, organization, religious movement, or charity.

Our mission is to encourage Turkish American lawyers and other interested U.S. citizens and green card holders to participate in the American political system by running for office, fundraising, and/or advocacy for a stronger relationship between the Republic of Turkey and the United States of America. Through this participation we aim to support legislation that advances trade relations, financial policies, individual rights, and immigration rights, while promoting social justice, rule of law, and core democratic values.

In addition to its stated mission, NC-TAL PAC provides a unique platform for Turkish American lawyers to engage with each other and increase their visibility in their communities. NC-TAL PAC will host fundraisers that support its mission statement and work to connect Turkish American lawyers to elected officials and those running for public office.

PAC Officers & Executive Committee Members

  • Doreen Edelman, President
  • Robert Levent Herguner, Treasurer
  • Aylin Acikalin
  • Zeliha Arslan
  • Yelda Bartlett
  • Lawrence Cenk Laws